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Postcard now to register Dems!

Let's save our democracy! 

In 2020, we wrote postcards to register AZ voters (and won!)
In 2021, we didn't rest... we wrote 28,000 postcards to register Dems in Texas and Arizona.
In 2022, to keep our House majority will largely depend on several close California races.
Will you help us register new CA Dems?
This is how you can get started today:


Order your postcards and stamps

First, get your postcards! Our partner, Field Team 6, has beautifully designed cards -- order your favorite designs now here. These postcards have a preprinted QR code that links to their Voterizer app and allows people to register quickly right on their phone and they can track who registered too!

Or buy postcards on Etsy, Amazon or USPS - or anywhere on the internet! Then go to to print out Voterizer QR codes on labels (Avery 94103 or 5160) to stick on the cards. It’s an extra step but easy and we can help you, just ask us at

Then you can order postcard stamps online or stop by your local post office.


download your addresses and script

Go to to create and/or login to your account. Look for and select an Activate22 campaign to download names and scripts from Field Team 6. MAKE SURE YOU PICK AN ACTIVATE22 campaign! 


We have our own targeted Activate22 campaigns so please don't grab names from a different campaign on the Field Team 6 website. If you didn't download your own names, etc. before, have forgotten how to do it or just need help - email us at


write your postcards!

Start Writing! See some examples by clicking below. Recruit your friends, too! 


Once you're finished writing and stamping your postcards, go ahead and mail them (or when Field Team 6 instructs you to do so).

Thanks again for joining the Activate22 Postcard Team!! Your help will make an impact!


Have an impact

Postcards work! A 26,000 postcard study found an increased turnout after a hand-written postcard campaign. The postcards had as good or better effect on voter turnout than going door to door. Read more by clicking below.

Our democracy is on unstable ground, let's help every way that we can!

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