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Who We Are



Impacting Voting Rights with ACTION

Activate22 is the collaboration of three groups that focused on providing targeted, data-driven and meaningful opportunities for friends and family in the 2020 election. We helped impact more than 7,000 votes in Arizona and elsewhere. 


In January 2021, we joined forces and created Activate22, a grassroots group taking action to create positive outcomes for Democrats in elections. Together, we're over 1,000 volunteers strong. 


Our focus in 2022 is to expand the House and Senate Majorities by increasing the number of registered democrats, protecting the right to vote and encouraging people to get out and vote (GOTV). We're targeting Arizona, Nevada and Texas, partnering with other groups to provide the most strategic opportunities for our volunteers to get involved. 


Interested in partnering with us? Let’s see how we can work together.

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