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We are a community of friends and colleagues activated to expand the House and Senate Democratic majorities. We take action by registering new voters, getting out the vote and protecting the right to vote. Come Activate with us and make a meaningful difference starting now.


Why We Activate

We won in 2020 — by 7 million votes! But our work is not done. 


Not a single state house was flipped. In fact, we lost seats in the House. The margin between winning and losing the White House was 70K votes in four states.


The other side is laser-focused on winning it all back. Now is NOT the time to stay on the sidelines, but instead to defend and grow the success that we've built.  


Activate with us!

About Us

How We Activate

Our focus is on providing data-driven, meaningful, measurable and impactful volunteer opportunities. Partnering with other organizations, we find the most strategic ways to get involved.
In 2021-22, we're focusing on Voter Registration, Voter Protection and Getting Out the Vote in three KEY battleground states. Click below to learn more about our GOTV, Canvassing, Phone Banking, & Voter Protection efforts.

Activate With Us

Join our fun, engaged crew as we have a great time volunteering and doing our part to help register voters, protect the right to vote and canvas. We're taking what we learned in 2020 and pushing it forward to 2021-22.
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